Service Request

Thanks for selecting TEAM for help with your project! 

Filling out a service-request is typically the first step in working with us; We generally prefer this to an email.

You may use a service request to submit a request for quote, or to authorize us to immediately begin your project (with, or without a defined budget).  A service request alone does not obligate you for anything! 

The TEAM lab supports two different types of clients: Internal, and External:

Internal clients : those affiliated with the university, and can furnish either a 4-digit billing ID or 7-digit Kuali account number (for reimbursement)

External clients: those who need to pay privately by way of check, or credit card (individuals and businesses are both accepted)

Please select the link that matches you (below), to be taken to our job-submission portal:


Please note - we care about the outcome of your project, and want you to be successful!  If ever you are unhappy with the results of our efforts, please make us aware so that we can work to make things right.


NOTE: for an accurate quote, please submit a job request form.  Our current rates are shown on the respective service request form (above).