General Device Development Services

TEAM offers general device development services (digital and physical) that that make use of our many available services (and/or external services where necessary). Devices can range in complexity from simple single-body parts, to complex assemblies with onboard sensors/moving components.  We are equipped to handle projects from a few mm in scale, to bench-top scale.

Generally speaking, the more details that can be provided about your project (dimensions, design constraints, etc), the better.  Also, the earlier you are along in the development process, the more expensive the development services will likely be (due to the time required to support the project).

Our general workflow is as follows:

Concept (idea and/or sketches)  > CAD (Computer Aided Design) Model > Prototype > Refine and Repeat (as necessary)


We are equipped to support you at all phases of the above development process.


Please speak to a TEAM representative for details, email contact prefered:  (