What services does the TEAM lab offer? 

Generally, we're known for our 3D printing, design, and fabrication services.  Please see the "services" tab above for a mostly-complete list of offerings.

How much will my project cost?

Price is largely dependent on scope, and physical scale.  Please initiate a service-request to compile a quote (no obligation to proceed with your effort). 

How do I pay for my completed project?

For an internal (aka, UC affiliated project with a relevant account number) project, we'd simply need your accounting details for recharge. For external clients, we accept payment via check and potentially credit card (not preferred)

How long will my project take?

For simple projects (example: print my provided file), our typical turnaround time is a few days.  For projects that necessitate development work (CAD design), the turnaround time can vary greatly (days to months). 

How do I receive my completed project?

Generally, we post our completed projects for pick-up in our 24 hour accessible pick-up/drop-off box.  However, we can also ship completed projects.  Larger projects may require an in-lab pick-up. 

What are the lab's operational hours?

We currently operate Tuesday - Friday, from 7AM to 6PM.  We are generally closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

Can I drop by the lab without an appointment?

If you'd like to visit the lab and speak to an engineer in-person, we'd much prefer a scheduled meeting.  Please submit a service-request indicating a meeting as preference, or send an email to the lab manager (salucero@ucdavis.edu)