VentureWell at MPBIL

The TEAM Molecular Prototyping and BioInnovation Lab (MPBIL) facility is a unique teaching and hands-on learning environment built to support a broad range of activities in biotechnology, molecular engineering and synthetic biology. MPBIL provides new experiential learning programs in molecular prototyping and biomanufacturing for undergraduate students at the University of California, Davis, supports student club activities and facilitates the early-stage development of biotechnologies by undergraduates with an interest in entrepreneurship.

One of MPBIL’s overarching goals is to create the best possible training program for students interested in becoming catalysts for an emerging bioeconomy. To this end MPBIL accomplishes this by: (a) giving students the technical training and the opportunity to design and build molecular and/or cellular-based products and/or associated technologies; (b) providing training on and an environment that stresses the responsible use of technology; and (c) providing mentorship and opportunities for entrepreneurship through partnerships with key members of the UC Davis entrepreneurship landscape, the UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CFIIE), the Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC), and Engineering Student Startup Center (ESSC).

Many activities in the lab are supported by a grant awarded to Professor Facciotti by the VentureWell Foundation through their Faculty Grants program.  This grant enhances two existing technical courses in molecular engineering and synthetic biology, makes possible freshman-level experiential courses, and creates a framework to support and funnel creative and entrepreneurial students to campus resources that can help them learn about and explore routes to commercialization.  High-achieving student teams funded by this grant are also encouraged to apply for additional support from VentureWell through their E-team mechanism.

If you are a UC Davis undergraduate student and would like to inquire about participating in this program or to inquire about competing for funding from Prof. Facciotti’s VentureWell grant, contact Prof. Facciotti directly at <mtfacciotti at ucdavis>.  Click below to start the application process.