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Internal Client 

External Client 


Our facilities are focused on manufacturing mechanical or electro-mechanical devices, molecular and biological tools, and hybridized arrangements of those two systems.

For specifics on those services, please select a domain to explore:

Mechanical and Electrical | Molecular and Biological 

Please select the appropriate service-type from the four available options below to make a service-request.  If you’re uncertain as to what type of request to file, please see our explanation and flowchart below.

How to submit a work request, or request for a quote:

    1. Identify what type of client you are (Internal or external).  This is to ensure you are properly billed for services; Generally, if you are conducting work for UC, and have access to a recharge account, you’re considered an Internal client.  Else, you are external. Being a current or former student at UCD does not qualify for internal rates.
    2. Identify the nature of your work; All Mechanical (including 3D Printing), Electrical, or Electromechanical type requests use one form, while all Bio-type requests use another.  

Still not sure what type of client you are?  Here’s a flow-chart:


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