SLA System

Overview of SLA Printing:

SLA 3D Printing is a technique whereby an object is etched into UV-curing liquid resin via laser, in a series of layers.   This printing technology is good where strength and good accuracy are both important characteristics, or where geometry may be too complex to achieve via FDM printing.  In general, this printing technology may not be appropriate where wall thicknesses exceed ~10mm, or with large-scale parts.

Our Machine: Formlabs Form 2 with automated Form Wash and Form Cure stations.

Materials: Type: Methacylate Photopolymer Resin Properties: (Similar to ABS) Higher yield point than Polyjet Prints.*Contact for Mechanical Properties

Accuracy: Good accuracy: 0.025mm to .1mm Layer Thickness.  0.1-0.3mm Overall Accuracy depending on geometry.  Minimum Feature 0.3mm.Support Structures: Posts which must be cut from body of printed part

Maximum Build Dimensions4.9×4.9×6.5 inches (125x125x165 mm)

Build TimeTotal: 4 hours to 24+ Hours (dependent on geometry & size)
*Turnaround time is workload dependent.  Expedited parts may come with an additional fee.

CostUC: Photo-Curing Resin: $4/10 Grams + $3/hr of build time + Setup and CleaningOutside UC: 32% Premium (above cost)

ProsVery rigid plastic with good impact resistance, great accuracy.

ConsSupport Posts may leave blemishes,  small build chamber

A SLA / DLP 3D printed part fabricated with Standard Resin (Formlabs)
Formlabs SLA materials from
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