Formlabs Form 2 with automated Form Wash and Form Cure stations.

Materials: Type: Methacylate Photopolymer Resin Properties: (Similar to ABS) Higher yield point than Polyjet Prints.*Contact for Mechanical Properties

AccuracyGood accuracy: 0.025mm to .1mm Layer Thickness.  0.1-0.3mm Overall Accuracy depending on geometry.  Minimum Feature 0.3mm.Support Structures: Posts which must be cut from body of printed part

Maximum Build Dimensions4.9×4.9×6.5 inches (125x125x165 mm)

Build TimeTotal: 4 hours to 24+ Hours (dependent on geometry & size)
*Turnaround time is workload dependent.  Expedited parts may come with an additional fee.

CostUC: Photo-Curing Resin: $4/10 Grams + $3/hr of build time + Setup and CleaningOutside UC: 32% Premium (above cost)

ProsVery rigid plastic with good impact resistance, great accuracy.

ConsSupport Posts may leave blemishes,  small build chamber