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Raise3D N2, Raise3D N2 Plus, MakerBot Modified/Custom Replicator II, Markforged Mark Two Onyx

Materials: Type: ABS Plastic, PLA, other thermoplastics Properties: ABS –  Very High Yield Stress, standard engineering plastic. PLA – Plant derived plastic; Biodegradable. more rigid, more accurate than ABS.

For more information on the different materials and their properties, please visit 3D Hubs.com

Accuracy: Moderate/Good accuracy: 0.1mm minimum layer thickness (0.2mm standard), Overall 0.2-0.4mm accuracy depending on geometry. Smallest free-standing feature approximately 0.4mm Support Structures: Same Material, or overhang structures where possible

Maximum Build Dimensions12x12x24 inches (305x305x610 mm) – Raise3D N2 Plus, 12x12x12 inches (305x305x305 mm) – Raise 3D N2, 11.2×6.0×6.1 inches (285x153x155mm) – MakerBot

Build Time: Total: 15 minutes to 24+ Hours (dependent on geometry & size)
*Turnaround time is workload dependent.  Expedited parts may come with an additional fee.

Cost: UC: Black or White ABS or PLA: $4/10 Grams + $3/hr of build time + Setup and CleaningOutside UC: 32% Premium (above cost)

Pros: High impact resistance, good accuracy. Less Expensive.

Cons: Least accurate technique (visible layers), some geometry may not be printable.

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