MPBIL Equipment



Roche Cobas 480z qPCR Machine and Software Suite – Generously provided by Roche, this qPCR machine is equipped with 465nm, 498nm, 540nm, 610nm, 680nm excitation filters and 510nm, 580nm, 610nm, 645nm, 670nm, 700nm emission filters.
PCR Machines – We have a wide range of PCR machines: 3-BioRad Gradient Enabled T100 Thermal Cyclers (pictured), 1-Applied Biosystems Proflex Thermal Cyclers with three independently controlled gradient enabled blocks, 2-Eppendorf Thermo Cyclers with gradient enabled blocks.
Plate Reader – Our TECAN Infinite M200 Plate reader (pictured) can measure absorbance and fluorescence from 300nm-1000nm in a wide range of well-plate formats. The unit is also equipped with temperature (ambient to 40°C) and shaking controls.