The TEAM lab

We offer the following services within the Mechanical and Electrical Domain:
3D Printing – Polymer printing of 3D objects out of a variety of substrates.
3D Scanning – Conversion from physical, to digital object comprised of a point-cloud in digital space.
Medical Imaging Data Reconstruction – Segmentation of DICOM data coupled, occasionally coupled with data manipulation for design purposes.
Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Migration from concept, to Digital model. A prerequisite to manufacturing in nearly all cases.
Laser-Cutting – An advanced, and rapid manufacturing technique whereby sheet-stock is cut and/or engraved to make largely flat parts that can be assembled into more elaborate assemblies.
Machining – A traditional, subtractive process where a part is cut from a block of bulk substrate (metal, plastic, etc).
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing – A method for condensing a circuit onto a unified copper-clad fiberboard.
Vacuum Forming – A method for manufacturing a thin, rigid body by way of thermally deforming a thermoplastic against a mold with heat, and vacuum pressure.
Casting – A manufacturing process where a liquid material is poured into a hollow mold to generate a desired shape. Typical output materials are plastic resin, or silicone.

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