The TEAM facilities support a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate educational activities at UC Davis.

Contact Prof. Marc Facciotti <> to learn more about educational opportunities in TEAM, how to get involved, and how to help sponsor them.

Courses Offered

During the school year a variety of undergraduate and graduate laboratory courses are offered in the TEAM facilities.


Courses Offered Through TEAM Facilities

BIM140 – Protein Engineering

BIM143 – Synthetic Biology

BIM161 – Molecular Methods

BIM289 – Microscopy

BIM20 – BME Core


Variety of Freshman Seminar Courses

IDT and Thermo Life Technologies have helped sponsor laboratory activities.

Senior Design

Engineering students from various departments use TEAM to complete their Senior Design requirements.


Some recent highlights include: Cadaver Biopsy Device; Esophageal Stent; Biomimetic Prosthesis; InvisiForce

Independent Projects

The VentureWell Foundation currently supports numerous student-initiated projects in the TEAM facilities.  These projects include technical guidance and mentorship on innovation and entrepreneurship.


Students interested in pursuing independent projects via this mechanism should contact Prof. Marc Facciotti <>.  Application instructions can be found here.

E-Teams Sponsored: Ambercycle Inc.; Chromatiscope

Alumni: Ambercycle Inc. ; Ravata Solutions


During the Summer months the TEAM lab hosts undergraduate students competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM).


Recent iGEM projects: Triclosan Detector and Educational Kit; Olive Oil Rancidity Detector; RiboTales; Promoter Libraries; Context Dependent Promoter

Scientific Manuscripts from iGEM projects:

Rai, N., Ferreiro, A.Neckelmann, A.Soon, A., Yao, A.I., Siegel, J., Facciotti, M.T., and Tagkopoulos, I. (2015) RiboTALE: a versatile and modular tool for the multi-dimensional control of gene expression. Scientific Reports May 29;5:10658. doi: 10.1038/srep10658. PMID: 26023068

Yao, A.I., Fenton, T.A., Owsley, K., Seitzer, P., Larsen, D.J., Sit, H., Lau, J., Nair, A., Tantiongloc, J., Tagkopoulos, I., Facciotti, M.T. (2013). Promoter activity arising from the fusion of standard BioBrick™ parts. ACS Synthetic Biology. doi: 10.1021/sb300114d. 2(2), 111-120. PMID:23656374

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