TEAM Prints 3-D Heart Model to Assist UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center Surgeons

When UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center surgeons faced a complex patient case in January, they consulted with cardiologists, pediatric intensive care unit physicians, radiologists, and, for the first time, biomedical engineers. The engineers added a new technology to the clinical…

Translating Engineering Advances to Medicine (TEAM) at UC Davis Video

TEAM facilitates research and research collaborations on a continuing basis, addressing large medical problems that extend across the UC Davis College of Engineering, the School of Medicine, and their departments. Beyond campus boundaries, TEAM promotes the translation of technologies into…

TEAM Open House and Launch Party a Huge Success

Around 200 people attended the TEAM Design, Prototyping, and Fabrication Facilities Open House and Launch Party on Jan. 15. After introductory remarks by TEAM Director and Biomedical Engineering Department Chair Kyriacos Athanasiou, several TEAM clients gave short presentations about their collaborations with TEAM. Guests were then treated to a tour of the Design and Prototyping Space and the Metalworking Fabrication Shop. They got to see the 3D printers and design stations in action, and handle objects fabricated in the printers.

New York Times: Advances in Reconstructive Surgery for Pets Involve Collaboration Between Vets and Engineers

Dr. Arzi and Dr. Verstraete are testing a variety of innovative techniques in facial reconstruction for animals. Working with the school’s bioengineers, they’ve developed a method to print 3-D plastic models of patients’ skulls from two-dimensional CT scans. They use the models to plan surgeries, which allows them to plot their moves with “micron-level accuracy,” said Kyriacos Athanasiou, a professor of biomedical engineering at California-Davis.