Translating Engineering Advances to Medicine (TEAM) at UC Davis Video

TEAM facilitates research and research collaborations on a continuing basis, addressing large medical problems that extend across the UC Davis College of Engineering, the School of Medicine, and their departments. Beyond campus boundaries, TEAM promotes the translation of technologies into clinical application. The facilities also provides infrastructure for strengthening graduate and undergraduate education by supplying students with training opportunities in prototyping and manufacturing.

TEAM’s Design and Prototyping Space features many of the industry’s most advanced technologies such as 3D scanning and printing, printed circuit board manufacturing, laser cutting and machining, and software. For instance, TEAM’s five 3D printers allow for micron-scale resolutions, prototypes with interlocked moving parts, and the ability to blend materials of different stiffness and optical properties. A traditional Metalworking Fabrication Shop offers advanced CNC mill, lathe, and other metalworking equipment. The Molecular Prototyping and BioInnovation Lab extends the prototyping capacity available on campus to the molecular scale by facilitating the design of novel biomolecules (e.g. proteins and nucleic acids), molecular devices, and engineered cellular and cell-free systems (e.g. synthetic biology). In addition, the facility serves students as a hub for a wide variety of associated experiential learning opportunities in science, engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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